"I have been a patient of Rachael's for a number of years now, I have a recurring back problem. Rachael never fails to sort me out. I walk in looking 70 and walk out looking more own age of 51. Added to that is her friendly and cheerful personality and no nonsense approach to her work. She never fails to make me feel better both physically and emotionally." Amanda van der Straaten dip couns. (Rainham)

"I have suffered with extreme menstrual pain for over 20 years.

Despite having been prescribed very strong painkillers by the doctor, each month for at least a day or two I would suffer terribly, to the extent that I would vomit from the intensity of the pain and usually have to take the day off work as sick. I had seen GPs, consultants, gynaecologists and had various scans and xrays but still I continued to suffer and the painkillers were not enough to dull the pain.

Then I discovered Rachael and the wonder that is cranial osteopathy. Thanks to Rachael, menstrual pain is a thing of the past for me now. After just 1 session, Rachael identified what was causing the pain and over a course of just a few sessions of gentle and affordable cranial osteopathy, Rachael cleared up the problem.

I am absolutely blown away by how Rachael has improved my quality of life and I urge others who live with any sort of pain or discomfort  to see what cranial osteopathy can do for you. I am so glad that I did!"

- Helen O'Hagan, 33, (London)

“Thankyou so much Rachael... I can’t believe the change in him. He’s sleeping and happy and so smiley! I feel like I have my family now and can start to move forwards. I will recommend cranial osteopathy and you to anyone who has a distressed baby. Thanks again”   Kerry W (Bexley)

"I have had back problems for a long time. Rachael not only gives me excellent pain relief she does it painlessly. Before meeting Rachael any treatment I had left me in pain for the following three days. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Mr P Peters, 51 (Ramsgate)

"I was expecting my cat to be resistant to treatment but she must have known Rachael was doing something to help as you could see a wave of relaxation go through her. It was amazing to witness. After two treatments she was moving with no sign of injury.” Mr D, 34, (Meopham)

"osteopathy has been amazing for my family... my little boy is now happy and smiley and everyone notices the difference. Thankyou Rachael." Mrs N (Bexleyheath)

“I am so much better. As soon as I started using the pillow as you suggested I had much less pain... it’s a combination of that and your treatment and I am delighted with the outcome.” Mrs L. (Hartley)

"Rachael is a fantastic osteopath. Has treated my baby and me with great results. She has magic hands :-)" Mrs E Peters (Ramsgate)

“I am able to obtain more relaxing sleep and for longer than I have done. So a happier me... many thanks again for your sessions” Mrs M (Parkwood)

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