Does my Insurance cover Osteopathic Treatment?

Many insurers cover osteopathic treatment, it is advisable to check with your insurers prior to booking an appointment. Rachael is recognised by Aviva and Cigna (amongst others) and many of my patients receive reimbursement from health plans such as Simply Health (formerly known as HSA).

What should I expect?

In addition to asking about your current symptoms a full medical history will be taken, so please bring along details of any medication or other medical treatments. You may be asked to undress to your underwear for a detailed examination, using visual observation, movement testing and gentle touch, (wearing shorts, loose flexible trousers or leggings and a loose open necked top is advisable). Your blood pressure, pulse and reflexes may be taken. Rachael (or her associate) will then explain their findings and diagnosis. We will discuss your treatment options and decide on our course of action. Treatment may consist of soft tissue techniques similar to massage, gentle releasing techniques (including Cranial Osteopathy) and articulation of your joints. Rachael (or her associate) will then often give advice and recommendations for ways in which you can help yourself gain maximum improvement and speed your recovery, as well as measures to avoid reoccurrence.


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