Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, safe and effective form of treatment for everyone including those who are more delicate (inc. babies and the elderly). The term “cranial” can be misleading because although these techniques originated with the treatment of the skull (cranium) in mind; they are now used to treat symptoms throughout the body. The techniques use very specific, skilled, light pressure to assist the natural ability of the body to release stresses and tensions. Cranial Osteopathy is designed to release such strains in a safe and gentle way.

Cranial Osteopathy is a very efficient method of treatment for numerous other complaints including headaches, back and neck pain; as well as enabling general health and well-being.

Rachael has a particular interest in Cranial Osteopathy, which was inspired when her younger sister was significantly helped by a Cranial Osteopath as an infant. Rachael also experienced the benefits of treatment first hand from a young age to treat minor horse riding injuries.

Rachael became an Osteopath in an effort to help other families in the way Osteopathy has helped her own.

Please note that not all Osteopaths are qualified in using Cranial techniques.

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