Osteopathy can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and mechanical problems in animals, as well as some behaviorual issues. Animals that can be treated include domestic pets, livestock, horses and ponies, birds, wildlife and exotic species. Rachael uses Cranial Osteopathy and gentle soft tissue releasing techniques, which the animals usually find relaxing and thereby avoiding the need for sedation.

Treatment usually takes place at the animalís own home, field or stables on a call out basis, or within a veterinary practice. Rachael covers the London and the South East (including Kent and East Sussex)

A veterinary consent form will need to be completed (please contact for a form to be posted/emailed) before treatment can take place. Any investigative procedures that are required will need to be completed by your vet prior to treatment. All referring vets will be kept informed of treatment and progression.

Many pet/animal insurance schemes cover osteopathic treatment. However I recommend that  you check with your own insurers prior to starting any treatment.

One highly strung throughbred mare enjoying treatment - no sedation used.

Toby - receiving treatment after being allowed home for recuperation and osteopathic treatment following veterinary treatment for a nasty septic infection from a tick. He was a little wary initially due to his pain levels but soon relaxed.

Gizmo - sleeping through treatment despite various disturbances.
This little chap is getting on in years and has some medical issues including Osteoarthritis. Which is where I can help by encouraging  mobility and freeing up muscles to ease his pain (in much the same way we do for people).
Post treatment this little dog jumped  up and showed off how much better he was feeling by bouncing around the  room with a spring in his step.

Timmy - Recieving treatment for a sustained limp following an unknown injury.

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